PACKcellence Consultancy

PACKcellence is a consulting company for sterile medical device and pharmaceutical packaging.

It is based in Roden, the Netherlands and founded & owned by Bert van Es.
Bert van Es has more than 15 years experience in developing and qualifying packaging solutions for sterile medical devices and pharmaceuticals. He has successfully launched multiple packaging designs and processes out of international manufacturing sites.

Customers situation

The packaging of sterile medical devices and pharmaceuticals is critical to the form, fit and function of the product.
Errors in the packaging of the product can lead to serious harm or even death of the patient. Many of the recalls today are packaging related. Packaging development should therefore be an integral part of the product development.


The customer should focus only on the product. PACKcellence takes care of all packaging characterization, development and implementation.


Provide customers with robust, innovative, cost-effective and ISO11607 compliant packaging solutions.


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